Dear GYROTONIC community, I wanted to share with you, the hugely successful first day of our newest teaching assistant, Croquette.

This Hedgehog made its grand entrance at Upward Spiral Studio yesterday and was received enthusiastically by most, a little trepidation by some.

An imaginary world of various animals surround me as I move and teach.  I’d been mentioning the image of a Hedgehog (sometimes interchanges with a Porcupine) for years, to help create a hollow belly, or when you are Kneading or Curling up in some way. Because it’s cute, one wants to protect and curl AROUND the Hedgehog, but it’s bristly, so you need to hollow your belly off the bristles and elevate your curl so your ribs don’t come in contact.  So I finally decided Seeing is Believing and went for the physical version.  What a difference it’s made!

One of our instructors had a happy moment doing Floor Work Series with the tower.


My next client literally had the best abdominal connection in 2 years. I actually was not expecting Croquette to be so effective, said Frank Graves, Principal and expert at the Brattle Group consulting firm. I’ve never felt such length in my torso and a connection to my fifth line. However, I’m now afraid of Hedgehogs, whereas before, I had no particular opinion about them.

Watch how this GYROKINESIS® student improved his Side Arch from a “Sad Doll on a Shelf” position, once Croquette had a secret to tell him!

img_7089_sml  img_7090_sml

And note the before and after of this student’s torso profile during Kneading.

img_7087_sml    img_7086_sml

Having a Hedgehog behind the knee as you bend it sure helps keep that joint open! No one wants to squish Croquette.


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Croquette who, as I write this, is literally living “life on the edge” of my client’s foot, making sure it stays flexed.