Wow! I feel as though I was taken to Mars and back in only three days…. You’re a teacher extraordinaire!
– Annie Rye, Certified Level 1 Gryotonic Instructor

Great job this weekend. This was a fabulous course and helped to clarify a lot of exercises and intentions for my teaching. It was a great group of people, and you really made everyone shine. Thanks for your help with my hands-on technique. I can’t wait to give these gifts to my clients.
– Kirsty Mackeller, Certified Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructor

Click on this video link to view this skier and triathlete, who studies with Martha every week to increase his ROM and stay on point. See full video review.
–Brandon Jellison LMT

I had the good fortune to become Martha’s very first Pilates client in December 1993 and have had the pleasure of working with her ever since – learning both Pilates and Gyrotonic. Martha is an extraordinary teacher: She knows her “curriculum,” she carefully observes my learning style, and she constantly accommodates her instruction to my exact needs with an unending commitment to challenge me just a little farther each time. I began working with Martha with a history of back pain, functional scoliosis and sciatica caused by a herniated disc. I am delighted to report that I’ve had very few flare-ups over these past 20 years; the two or three times my physiatrist sent me off to hard-core physical therapy, my recovery was so rapid that the therapists were truly astonished. A strong powerhouse / Seed Center (pick your terminology) is obviously responsible for my resilience.

If Martha was merely a superb trainer, that would be worth a hearty recommendation. But she is also smart, funny, and deeply caring. She is an all-around winner!
Enid Wetzner (client of over 20 years)

I am suddenly walking with a different and more comfortable center of gravity; hips that have felt frozen for years are opening in a safe and organic way; my spine feels more supple and integrated, instead of operating like tight and inflexible segments; and my curiosity and desire to discover more is stoked. I entered the Gyrokinesis Pre-Training asking, “What is Gyrokinesis?” and am now excited to ask, “What can I become?”

Martha has a piercing clarity about the workings of the body while coupling that with playful imagery, personal reflections and individualized support. She is able to translate sometimes confusing new concepts with metaphor and hands-on directives. I am ever grateful for the 6 days of her teacher training and guidance.
Daria Medwid, Certified Level 1 GYROKINESIS® Instructor

Just wanted to thank you for being such a positive presence in all our lives. Your demeanor and overall outlook are so refreshing, and I hope to emulate the same for my OT clients one day. I plan to sit in Victory pose for at least a minute before tackling this paper tonight!
– Erica Rodas (Client)